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Because I am not a Malayalam speaker I am to my great dismay limited to DVDs that have English subtitles but though I have been exposed to what is perhaps only the tip of the iceberg it is still fairly obvious that this decade in Malayalam commercial cinema must rank among the finest in the country's history. I have mentioned other films here and elsewhere in the past but most recently I saw Priyadarshan's Mukundetta Sumithra Villikkunnu. I cannot state that this is among the finest Malayalam comedies of that period but it is one of the more compelling efforts without a doubt. (Naachgaana.com From Madhavan's Nostalgia to Mohanlal's Comedy in a Hopelessly Chaotic Mix! 08/29/05 より)


上記文中でも言及されているプロヤン旧作の新譜(変な言い方)Mukundetta Sumithra Villikkunnu だすが、同時期DVリリースの Vandhanam が、まあ、その…ちょと通好みな1本(控えめな表現)だったのにたいして、こっちは佳作。ディスクの画質は激悪なれどお勧めれす。80年代ケララのボンビー&呑気の世界を余すところ無く楽しめます(といっても舞台はチェンナイらしいのだすが)。ボリでリメイクしようとしても絶対に不可能、そんな1本。

Mukundhetta Sumithra Vilikunnu (Malayalam - 1988)
Starring: Mohanlal, Srivivasan, Ranjini, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Jagathy Shreekumar, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Sooman, Pappu, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Kochin Haneefa

投稿者 Periplo : 00:06 : カテゴリー プリヤン旧作