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Rest in Peace : Sujatha

本名 S. Rangarajan。コンピューター・エンジニアとして会社勤めをしながら旺盛な文筆活動を続けた。ペンネームのスジャータは妻の名前。映画脚本家としても知られ、マニ・ラトナム、シャンカルなどの作品を多く手がける。2月27日没、72歳。

Sujatha had started his film career with Rajinikanth-Jaishankar starrer Gayathri. It was the film based on his famous novel Gayathri. After this film, he had given his another famous novel Priya, the Rajinikanth starrer, became one of the most successful commercial cinema at that time. Karayellam Shenbagapoo, Ninaithale Inikkum, Poi Mugangal and Vanakkathukkuriya Kathaliye are some of the films based on his novels.

His famous novels Aryabatta, 24 Roopai Theevu, Anitha Ilam Manaivi and Nirwana Nagaram were taken as successful films in Kannada. In Telugu, veteran director Mouli taken his story Pathu Second Mutham, a novel based on an athlete in the name of Ashwini which was played by the renowned athlete Ashwini Nachappa.

He had written many film scripts exclusively for cinema and notable among, which was Kamal Hassan's Vikram. Later Sujatha became as a permanent script writer for Mani Rathnam and Shankar. Most of their films including Iruvar, Kannathil Muthamittal, Ayutha Azhuthu, Guru, Jeans, Muthalvan, Boys, Anniyan and the latest Blockbuster Shivaji were written by Sujatha only.

His latest ground works for Mani Rathnam's yet to be titled film, an Aishwarya-Abhishek starrer almost completed. Just a few days ago Sujatha handed over the completed script of Robot (That too based on his two novels En Iniya Iyanthira and Meendum Jeano), the never ever big project of Superstar Rajini, to director Shankar.

At that time, he told in lighter vein, "Shankar, I completed my work satisfactorily. Hereafter, there is no tension to me, even the film will become as my last one!"(OneIndia 記事 Writer Sujatha passes away! より)


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■お隣のかわゆい女の子、清純派の代名詞だったバーヴァナちゃんもついに越境。行きがけの駄賃じゃ、ってな感じでちょこっとタミル映画 Aarya (2007) Dir. Balashekaran とVazhthukkal (Tamil - 2008) Dir. Seeman に顔だして、目指すはテルグ。これまであんまりにも可憐で妹萌えな役ばっかやってたバーちゃんにテルグ界での居場所があるのかと最初は懐疑的だったけど、こっちのお姉さんみたいに大化けするかもしれんからのう。楽しみなような怖いような。ちなみにそのお姉さん、珍しく里帰りした時にゃ三顧の礼を持って迎えられたそうだ。

■いまやマラヤーラム映画の女王の貫禄も十分なカーヴィヤ・マーダヴァンさんも。体型が邪魔して他州から声がかからんのじゃ、などという陰口も聞こえてはいたが、ご当人は母語で演技することの重要性を常々口にしていた。ところが気晴らしなのか何なのか、Saadhu Mirandal (Tamil - 2008) Dir. Siddique にひょいっと出演。もっとも監督をはじめとしたクルーはかなりの部分がケララ人らしいのだが。だけんど、顔なじみに誘われてお遊び気分で出かけたわけじゃなさそうだ。どっかで読んだ記事によれば6kgの減量を達成、メイクもヘアも一新して(これを見よ!)イメチェンをはかったあたりはさすがプロ。


A heroine there (注:マラヤーラム映画界) barely earns Rs 3-9 lakh, whereas in the Telugu and Tamil film industry, the earnings are ten times more. I find Tollywood a safer place to work in and besides, the Malayalam film industry is not rich. Originality is also fast waning and filmmakers are mostly copying or remaking films.(Times of India 記事 You react & rumours get cruder: Mamta より)



prithvimama.jpgおネエちゃんばかりが流出してるわけじゃない。Mallika Sukumaran、この名前でピンと来た貴方はかなりのマ映画通。元女優、往年の性格俳優スクマランの夫人にしてインドラジット、プリットヴィラージ兄弟(こちら参照)のママ。この茉莉花さんもタミル映画初出演。上に挙げた Vazhthukkal がそれ。


“It's a pivotal role,” says the ecstatic actress. “But more than that, I get to play Maddy's mother. Maddy's mother! MADDY'S MOTHER!! It's my dream role. I'm his biggest fan. I've seen all his movies, and some of them more than once. When they asked me if I would play his mother, I said yes, yes, yes.”(Newindpress 記事 Mom on a roll より)


The 56-year-old says the only thing that will get her as excited is a chance to act with Rajnikanth. “That's the ultimate, I'll even play his grandmother if they ask me to.”(同上)


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Mere Baap Pehle Aap


例によってタイトルは本決まりじゃないのかもしんないけどね。まだまだ先のことだと思ってたけんど、そろそろ情報流通開始。2006年テルグ大ヒット映画 Bommarillu Dir. Bhaskar の、プリヤンによるリメイクの情報。(過去のポスト

It's not very often that you get to see three of the best talent of Bollywood in one film. Naseerudin Shah, Om Puri, Paresh Rawal will share screen space in Priyadarshan's soon to be released Mere Baap Pehle Aap, a rib tickling comedy. Cine buffs will be treated to a veritable fare in the film as the three of our all time greats will display their talent in the Malyali remake. Another interesting aspect of the film is danseuse Shobhana who stars in her first ever commercial film.

Akshaye Khanna and Genelia play the lead couple in the film which was shot in three locations, Goa, Chennai, Mumbai. The music is by Vidyasagar and the film is slated for an April release. Like all Priyadarshan's films, this one too has been completed in a short span of 60 days.(indiaTelevision.com 記事 The clash of the titans より)

テルグじゃなくてマラヤーラム映画のリメイクだと言ってるが、これは単なるイージーミスなのか、ショーバナ様のボリウッド商業映画デビュー作とは本当なのか、熟年親父がゾロゾロ出てくるのは脚本をかなりいじってるってことなのか、そもそも本当に Bommarillu のリメイクなのか、わからないことだらけ。


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After actors, now directors are hiking their fees. Following the success of 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa', Priyadarshan wants nothing less than 11 crore per film. Likewise many filmmakers, post the box-office success of their last films, have upped their fees.(PlanetBollywood コラム After Stars Director Remunerations Hit The Roof !より)


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For the first time in his career, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is set to work with Priyadarshan .

No, the King Khan won't be doing comedy in Priyadarshan's film. But he will be producing the movie under his banner Red Chillies Entertainment and will also be acting in it.

The yet-untitled film will mark a departure for Priyadarshan from his usual style of filmmaking. It won't be a comedy but a romantic story.

Shah Rukh will make an appearance in the movie only mid-way through the story, that is, by interval point. The superstar will play himself.

According to Priyadarshan, the film will also have many other stars from Bollywood, but they haven't been finalized yet.(Apun ka Choice 記事 Shah Rukh Khan to work with Priyadarshan より)

いつもみたいにプリヤンが勝手に吹いてるんじゃなくて、SRK様自身が(しかも自身の制作会社 Red Chillies Entertainment のバナーで)出演を仄めかしている(こちら参照)らしい。よかったね、プリヤン。

で、しばらく前に取り上げた Katha Parayumbol (Malayalama - 2007) Dir. M Mohan の続報。本作の主演俳優&プロデューサー&脚本家であるシュリーニヴァーサンのインタビューで判明したイイ話。

Priyadarshan was another one of the few people I narrated the story to at the very outset. I expected him to make some suggestions to improve the script. His response to the story was silence -- a silence that went on for several minutes. Then he started talking about something completely different. Then, I understood that he did not particularly enjoy the story. I was a bit worried by his reaction. I didn't know why he responded differently from the others.

Once we started shooting, Priyan visited me. Then, I asked him to peruse what I had written. He then said, 'This is amazing'. Three days later, he gave me a ring and said, 'Even now, the story and that scene haunts me. I have a request. I would like to have the rights to remake this movie in Hindi.'(rediff インタビュー How Sreenivasan conceived Kadha Parayumbol より)


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Navashakthi Vaibhava (Kannada - 2008) Dir. Saiprakash
Cast : Ramkumar, Shruthi, Sudharani, Ruthika, Vijayalakshmi, Anu Prabhakar, Jayamala, Prema, Radhika, Dhamini, Ruchita Prasad


Kollur Mookambike, Badami Banashankeri, Mysore Chamundeswari, Belgaum Yallamma, Horanadu Annapurneshwari, Katilu Durgaparameshwari, Annamma Devi of Bangalore, Shringeri Sharadambe, Gokarna Parameshwari



Prema, Jayamala, Sudharani, Ruchitha Prasad, Anu Prabhakar, Ruthika, Damini, Vijaylakshmi and `Kutty' Radhika are the nine heroines to don the nine avatars of Durga. Of course, Ramkumar and Sruthi play the conventional non-believer and devotee respectively and the story revolves around them. (2004年4月のThe Hindu 記事 Nine heroines as Devis より)


なんでも監督のサイプラカーシュさんによれば、Sri Renuka Devi (Kannada - 2003) Dir. Nagendra Magadi からの映像借用によってサウンダリヤ(2004年4月17日没)にも出演してもらってるんだそうだ(Chitratara 記事 SOUNDARYA AGAIN!による)。やっぱ印度神様映画は融通無碍だわな。さていつになったら拝める事やら。

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Produce : Priyadarshan


The first Tamil film produced by Priyadarshan is being directed by Vijay of 'Kireetam' fame. For the important role in this film, Prakashraj agreed. The call sheet is only for 6 days.But the actor has not reported for any day and it is already 6 months. Totally vexed by this, Priyadarshan replaced Prakashraj with Nasser in the role. Looks like Prakashraj's torture is not confined to on screen only!(TamilStar 記事 Shooting stops because of Prakashraj より)

同名のマ映画のリメイクである Kireedam (Tamil - 2007) でデビューした A L Vijay 監督の次回作のプロデュースを手がけるのだという。上記記事にあるようにプラカーシュ・ラージがナーセルに差し替えられたという事以外の詳細は不明。タミル映画としては初のプロデュースになるのだという。


Now that she has established herself in Tollywood, Mamta is staging a comeback in Mollywood. Veteran director Fazil has signed her up for his film in which Prithviraj plays the male lead. The film is produced by ace director Priyadarshan.(Apun ka Choice 記事 Glam girl Mamta Mohandas back on home turf! より)



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1.Mahasamudram (Malayalam - 2006) Dir. S Janardhanan
2.Keerthi Chakra (Malayalam - 2006) Dir. Major Ravi
3.Chotta Mumbai (Malayalam - 2007) Dir. Anwar Rashid
4.Reflections (English? - 2006) Dir. Bijoy Nambiar (短編オムニバスDVD Hot Shorts Vol. 1 に収録)

2.吹き替え問題関連で以前に紹介したことのあるマラヤーラム・タミル・バイリンガル作品。これで国家映画賞を狙うのだという話もあったが…。タミル版 Aran は字幕無しと推定される低品質DVDがすでにリリース済み。監督のラヴィ少佐はプリヤンのお弟子さん。シュウェちゃんも出演。


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